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Getting a Better Understanding of How InfraCOOL ® Technology Could Benefit You

roofing blog fusion paintingYou may or may not be familiar with the term “cool roof.” This is a roofing system that provides higher reflective properties and, as a result, reducing heat transfer into the building, or your Canberra home.

All of this is important enough to our team that we make it a point to offer the best in cool roofing – InfraCOOL® Technology. So how can this directly help you?

  • We use Dulux Cool Roof™ with InfraCOOL® Technology reflects the sun’s rays before they can even get absorbed as heat. This is important because it helps reduce the cooling costs for your home.
  • This makes your dwelling more energy-efficient all around. That means your home is greener or more Eco-friendly.
  • Another key benefit of this new technology is that you get back the freedom to choose what color roof you would like. It used to be that a person was limited to a lighter shade of roofing to accomplish cool roofing. Now, you can still have the effect of a cool roof and pick whatever color you would like.

How to Get Started

Fusion Painting Services is proud to be a Cool Roof accredited applicator and we know the service we provide will make a big difference for you. We are painting experts with the training and experience needed to make the most of your cool roof technology application.

We can still provide you with a free consultation and answer any questions that you may have. Let us show you, in person, how our team has earned the reputation that we have.

More Tips on Cool Roof

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