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Exceptional Timber Finishes For Decks In Canberra

deck paintingAre you building a new deck for your Canberra home or do you already have one? If so, you will want to be sure it is properly stained and finished to protect from the elements.

With this proper protection, the deck will last longer and won’t need to be repaired as often. Protecting the wood surfaces with a quality finish is vital because of exposure to heavy wear, UV rays, salt, dirt, wind, rain, rust, and other minerals.

Although the deck finishing products need to last, they also need to come in a variety of beautiful options. Have you thought about the stain color you would like?

Fusion Painting Services would love to offer you some advice about deck finishes. We have been proudly serving the Canberra and surrounding areas since 2000 and would love to help you create a gorgeous custom finish that makes you proud. Read on for some great tips.

Quality Deck Finishing Products

Staining and sealing a deck is an investment, albeit a small one as compared to the deck construction. When staining for the first time or refinishing a deck, it’s always best to use quality products. A quality product lasts longer, so you don’t wind up refinishing the deck every year.

You can find a great line of stain and sealant products which are ideal for new decks. Top of the line products offer you more. For the deck, it’s best to use a UV resistant stain and sealant because it keeps the color from fading. It will also ensure that the protective sealant lasts longer.

  • Won’t Crack
  • Won’t Peel
  • Won’t Blister
  • High-Wear Finishes
  • UV Protection Finish & Topcoat
  • Legendary Durability
  • Exceptional Water-Repellency
  • Perfect For All Decks Including Exotic Woods

There are a number of options to choose from that offer superior beauty and protection. Let our experts at Fusion Painting Services help you find the perfect color and type of finish for your deck.

Finish Color Options For Decks

When finishing your deck, you will have options in the translucency of the finish. In other words, you can let as much or as little of the natural wood grain show through as you want. The stains with more color saturation cover the grain while the finish from a translucent stain will show it more clearly. There are variations in translucency, so the options are wide open.

On exotic hardwood decks, of course you want as much of the natural wood beauty to shine through as is possible. You will probably want a translucent finish. If you go with stain that hides the wood grain, it only ruins the beauty of the wood. Then you’ll be wondering why you even bothered to invest in exotic hardwood.

Pressure treated decks often look best with a saturated to solid finish. The wood grain and green tint of pressure treated wood isn’t very attractive. Try enhancing the green with a green tinted stain that has more saturated color in it. Your painting contractor should also be able to achieve a dark cherry or redwood color.

You always have options to customize the stain color as well when you finish a deck. A good painting contractor can help you create a finish that is completely unique by mixing the colors to achieve something new.

  • Translucent
  • Saturated
  • Ultra-Saturated
  • Solid
  • Custom

The Deck Finishing Process

The timber is mechanically sanded to refresh the outer surface of the wood deck. The surfaces are then thoroughly and gently cleaned. These two steps ensure proper adhesion and saturation of the finishing stains and sealants.

Afterward, the stain and sealant of your choice is applied. Your painting contractor will have already gone over the particulars of the wood type they will be working on and what types of stains and sealants would be best.

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