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‘Tis the Season for Holiday Touch-Up Painting in Canberra – Tips from Our Pros

touch-up painting
If you want your holiday season to be bright and merry in Canberra, it’s time to get rid of the old wall scuff marks and nail holes with some touch-up painting chores. Repairing a few holes in the popcorn ceiling, refinishing the front door, and resealing the wood mantle aren’t a bad idea either. With everything freshened up, you’ll be ready to invite guests over for the holidays instead of worrying about a few scuff marks and holes.

If you prefer to hire out the work, most professional Canberra painters won’t have a problem helping you with smaller jobs like touch-up painting. Just be sure they’re experienced in texture coatings and timber finishes or your popcorn ceiling could look like cottage cheese and your beautiful wood door streaked and blotchy! Call 0417 685 211 for professional residential painting service in Canberra.

Refinishing Your Front Door

Nothing says, “Welcome to my home,” better than a beautiful front entry door. If cleaning and waxing isn’t enough to restore the beauty of your entry doors, it’s probably time to refinish the wood. This is one holiday touch-up painting task you want to leave to the professionals. Refinishing timber takes quite a bit of skill and experience to get right!

  • Pro Tips: Be sure the door is properly cleaned and sanded before refinishing. Also, remove all hardware and hinges before working on your door and make sure to use two coats of exterior polyurethane.

Sealing Your Wood Fireplace Mantle

Keeping the wood of your fireplace mantle sealed and protected with a clear finish is important. You may not realize how dry the wood is until the mantle starts to crack and it’s too late.

Sealing a wooden fireplace mantle isn’t difficult. You should use a high-temperature sealant which is made to use on wood around fireplaces. Be sure you read the directions about how often to reapply the sealant so you can continue to enjoy your wood fireplace mantle for many more holiday seasons to come.

  • Pro Tips: The better-quality wood sealant products last longer than one year.

Filling the Old Wall Nail Holes Before Touch-Up Painting

Nail holes are easy to fill and smooth with spackling paste. For small holes, a dab from the toothpaste tube works just fine too. Gently sand the area after the spackle dries to smooth it flat.

Larger drywall holes take a little finesse to repair, especially those the size of a fist. A square section of drywall may need to be installed to replace the damaged portion. Two pieces of lumber will need to be installed to the wall behind the drywall to give the drywall patch something to attach to. Once the patch is screwed to the boards, you’ll be using drywall tape and wet joint compound to cover the cracks.

  • Pro Tip: Make sure to sand the putty compound flush with the wall. Use a quality primer first and then the touch-up paint.

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