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Canberra Heritage RestorationWhen painting the exterior of a heritage home, it’ s not only important to consider the colour scheme but also the style and materials that were originally used. While many of the original paints (such as lead-based enamels and powdered distemper paints) are no longer used, there are modern alternatives. These newer materials outperform the original finishes while keeping and protecting the intended heritage look and feel.

Original enamels tended to chalk up and become brittle. This leads to flaking and problems due to their lead content. Fusion Painting is experienced with the thorough and careful preparation of the previously painted surfaces. Using the right techniques we are able to get a properly prepared surface that keeps the heritage value of your home, while meeting the challenges of the next 80 years.

Our specialised preparation and painting techniques for heritage restoration include:

  • Washing down the surface with high pressure water to remove the delaminating topcoat;
  • Sanding timber surfaces with the Festool vacuum-connected sanding equipment, catching any harmful dust;
  • Specifying modern paints, such as Dulux Metalshield Premium Resistant enamel topcoat or Dulux Acratex Elastomeric membranes for masonry protection. These materials have been modified to overcome problems such as loss of sheen, hairline cracking, chalking and eventual flaking.

  • We also engage the services of an experienced colour consultant to ensure the ‘ look’ of the home reaches its full potential and has real street appeal.

    We have completed a range of heritage projects in Reid and Ainslie, including an award winning project in Currong Street, Reid.

    Heritage project in Reid, ACT

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